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To My friends...

To those of you whom follow me here and really don't see me other places...

Please forgive my absence. I am looking at you, Bill, if you still watch over here. That job? Turned out to be a horrible lie. Family got sick. Very sick. Still reeling and miss you all.

Be back soon!

Thank you to the Men in Khaki

I live near Boston, and the whole region is in an uproar over the bombing. It's terrifying, it's disruptive, and the bombers are getting just what they wanted, but that's not the point of this note.

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New Old Things

I recently (last week) picked up an oh so sexy Singer 15-91. This lil lady was built in 1949, does only a straight stitch and has metal gears. She has a motor that enables her to handle fabrics much more hearty than my newer machine.

I have been wanting one for a while. Managed to find one on craig's about an hour away. Knowing what you are looking for helps a lot, as refurbs of this sorta thing can go for bucks. This gal is in good shape and seems to be turning loose after some oiling. I have let her sit a day before actually loading her and getting to work!

I am not a good nor proficient sewer. That was my mom's job. :) I just wanna make things occasionally and my life seems not to consist of tender thing fabrics.

Yay :)

Radio Silence

Sorry for the silence, folks. While I am reading here on a daily basis, I have a lot going on in RL-land that seems to leave me tapped dry. I am here, though! Hope everyone had a good year.


Today's Oglad made me LOL.

That is all. :D


I don't care who you vote for (well, I do, but that's my business), but for the love of everything, go vote! If you think you do not matter, well... none of us matter until we're the last hanging chad. Or the last dollar that gets a kickstarter going.

Small things matter. So do you. I believe in you and your power. :)



So you might have noticed that there's this election happening....

At the risk of exposing myself as an ignorant fool, maybe someone can answer something for me? All this Epic economic hardship, the government having no money, etc... This candidate did that, this candidate didn't do this, poor people are a bane to all our resources.... how come no one's talking about the War (Or Military Action in Which People are Hurt)? Is that not costing tens of millions of dollars on an ongoing basis? Where's thet money coming from? And hasn't that resource dried up by now?

I figure I must just not be Clued In. I find it very interesting that it is NOT a subject that is Ever talked about. Have you heard a candidate bring it up, beyond getting better care for our Veterans... of which new ones are made every day?

Just wonderin'.

Emma's poem

Emma had to write a poem for Science and this is what she wrote. I was just struck by her word choices and the maturity of the concepts. What a cool kid!

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Sara's Bad habit #5,467

When I want something, I can be obsessive. I research extensively. I check reviews. I find the best price within a geographical area. I walk into a situation dangerously informed. I annoy everyone in my general hearing about details and facts and the current watched items on the market.

And then I talk myself out of it.

The current object of desire is a Camaro. Those who follow my livestreams will note the reoccuring theme of Camaro. I thought it was beyond my means, until power shopper came into play. I found I could get more than I expected for less than I thought... and I even qualified for the loan. I know every car in my price range within 100 miles (no joke) and the features. I know the finance rates for several different time lengths and tiers. Right now, there's a deep red one with black stripes in CT that just had a reduction in price that's about everything I want (would rather it was black w/white). I have a little cash right now....

However.... my other car has not been paid off and I won't trade it in... we really like the HHR and would rather trade the Truck. There's not so much left on it, but to pay it off now would mean a double $$ expenditure of cash.

I don't *need* this. There's things in the house that need fixing. Rationally, I know this. Rationally, I know that deals will be there in March when the car is paid off. A responsible person would handle the needs before the wants.

Thusly, I talk myself out of it.


I promised Em that I would take her to the air show. However, my back heard about this and decided that it would continue its annoying spasms when I stand/walk for an extended time. I opted not to go and suggested that we do the Drive In instead.

We used to live just down the street from the Drive In, and her dad still does. It was something we drove past and swore we'd do, but it took us almost 12 years to go. I wasn't disappointed.

It was the same thing I remember from CA days except.... more New Hampshirey. Meaning, it was dirt with hillocks instead of pavement and the whole thing was very low-key with a street party atmosphere. There were people on folding chairs outside of their cars and kids playing on a set of swings and a hulk of an old steel slide. We bought popcorn (cooked in coconut oil! YUM) from an old refreshment stand with a screen door that slammed. As the sun set, we watched the moon come out over the screen and rise over the clouds. Fireflies winked in the treeline and gradually filtered between the cars. The mosquitos came out too, and the whole arena smelled of OFF and citronella.

The screens played a couple of 50's era promos. You know... buy our food. Drink our drinks. We have citronella rings inside. Don't be a jerkface and drive sane speeds. A man came around and made us tie our tailgate down with splintery rough twine that smelled like my father's garage.

Em sat in the back of the HHR with pillow and blanket and I braved the skeetos. We feasted on popcorn and hummus and carrots. Bats came out to swoop around and eat some bugs and cast their flickering shadows across the screen.

It was a magical night.

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